/9 Gift Giving Crafts To Start This Fall

9 Gift Giving Crafts To Start This Fall

Hello dear friends! 

It would be entirely reasonable for you to be thinking about Halloween, costumes, candy… the whole deal… but I’ve got my eyes on the prize (prize = homemade holiday gifts).  I’m also not ashamed (ok, just lightly embarrassed) to admit that I’ve already got my Christmas decorations down from the attic (the miracle being that I’m a grown single woman with both an attic AND Christmas decorations).  

I love gift giving during the holidays mostly because I like to make elaborate homemade gifts for people and stare at them intently while they open their present in front of me.  If you’re keeping track, my love language is ‘words of affirmation’ so… that’s why I stare so intently, to prepare my heart and mind.  

The problem with homemade gift giving is that it takes time and planning and it’s not something that you can decide on Black Friday.  Nope.  Now is the time… and technically, we’re already a little late… so let’s jump on this.  

Here are a few crafty gift ideas for inspiration, to start gathering supplies, to get started on these holiday times… maybe while watching that scary haunted house show on Netflix – I’m not here to miss a holiday, but I am here to prepare.  

  Clay and paper and wildflowers! Let’s make Seed Bombs and spread flower love. 

•  I’m enchanted by Christmas Crackers.  You know those paper tubes filled with treats (and always a paper crown) that are sweet little stocking stuffer surprises or table toppers?    They’re classic and it takes some time to get the supplies so… you know what to do.  See also: this very practical DIY

  An easier, less poppy version of holiday crackers are these super easy Surprise Balls!  

•  A tutorial for pale pink Paper Poinsettias.  Lovely centerpieces, and gifts, and they won’t hurt our cats.

•  Love:  Sage and Rosemary Smudge Bundles with roses.   

  A few years ago I made homemade tinted lip gloss and the tins and tints are super customizable and really fun! 

  I’ll sing this from the rooftops and promise you won’t smell like a sandwich: Mustard Bath Salt – it’s perfect for cold winters.   

•  Super smitten with these DIY Watercolored Plates and I think thrift store plates could be perfectly watercolored and gifted, you know? 

  Definitely making my own wrapping paper inspired by the Candy Cane Paper on House That Lars Built.  I also think a gift topper classes things up a lot!  

Hope you’ve found some inspiration and energy!

Happy Friday!

xo Joy