/Let It Be Sunday, 190!

Let It Be Sunday, 190!

Hello my friends.  We’ve made it to Sunday.  That in itself this week feels… like a bit of deliverance.  Just a bit.  

I hope this finds you with a moment to unwind yourself.  I’ve felt pretty wound and bound this week.  The Senate hearings, the content, the tone, the spectacle, the opinions, it’s been PLENTY on top of life’s normal work and pay the bills hustle.  Can we take a moment to acknowledge that whether we want or have the ability to, we’ve carried a lot this week.  All of us.  

In other news, your girl (that’s me) is (yes) still in Yoga Teacher Training / still can’t do a handstand / now knows that’s not the point of anything / AND is taking her final exam today.  So… just putting that out there to lightly and prematurely pat myself on the back because your girl (that’s still me) is ready to be done and have her weekends for champagne consumption, word?

Unrelated, among the things I made this week: Brown Butter Banana Bread.

Here is the offering this week.  As always, take whatcha need and if you’re mad, be mad. I’m mad sometimes too:  

 This week we’ve explored who gets to be angry in public.  Let’s also explore how we can change that and why why why we must. Fury Is A Political Weapon and Women Need To Wield It.  (The New York Times)

 What we’re watching this weekend: Minding The Gap. (Hulu)

 A million reasons to love, laugh with, admire, and want to be friends with: Maya Rudolph.  (The New York Times)

 We’ve really got to stop.  Consider:  the existential void of the Instagrammable ‘museum’. (The New York Times)

 This week’s long-read is the incredible story and eternal life of the instant noodle. (BBC)

 You literally do not have to tell me twice: You Should Be Eating Pie For Breakfast. (Eater)

 Can I tell you about a low-voltage cocktail that I really love?  Cynar and Lemon Soda.  (Supercell)

 The offering this weekend is to make Harissa Caramel Corn.  Ya feel me? (Joy the Baker) 

 APPLES, amen.  We’ll be making this soon:  Apple Cinnamon Twist Bread from King Arthur Flour. 

 I am incredibly excited for this pie book.  LOTS of pies this Fall and Winter. Are you with me?  Sister Pie by Lisa Ludwinski. (Amazon)

 We’ve got some great events coming up at The Bakehouse!  Food photography, dinners with cookbook authors, pie baking, yoga and doughnuts.  A little something for everyone who wants to gather.  Check out the list of events and availability here!  (The Bakehouse and Eventbrite)

 A little tonic that is never not in my purse:  Urban Moonshine.  I use it after a meal, anytime I need to ease a questionable belly moment, or if I need to stress eat something and I’ve already eaten all my Altoid mints (too real?). (Amazon)

 I very much love these rings from Marta Pia. 

Be well today.

My love to you.

xo Joy