/Let It Be Sunday, 191!

Let It Be Sunday, 191!

Hello Sunday friends! 

I’m glad you’re here.  I hope you’re setting into the day with ease. Take some time to just…. not, today.  You know?  

This week has been remarkably rainy and steamy and I’ll tell you what… it’s not friendly weather for a girl with curly bangs.  Nevertheless, life goes on – someway somehow. 

The news has been much more weighty than my hair woes and we’ve got a new Supreme Court Justice and a deeply divided country to show for it.  The earth is rumbling and heating and still spinning around the stars and here we are mostly trying to do our best about it.  

I officially finished my yoga teacher training this week and I cried with pride about it. Be sure of that.  

Here’s the offering this week.  As always, take whatcha need: 

  An offering: What Kind of Times Are These (Poetry Foundation) 

  Let’s make sure we have hobbies.  They’re deeply important to our brainspace and listen, we don’t have to be good at our hobbies to have them!  Let that little nugget liberate you.  In Praise of Mediocrity (NY Times)

•  In what I consider to be very good news: Cat Power is doing just fine, thanks.  See also: Stay.   (The Cut and Spotify)

  Being human: The Elevator-Phobes of a Vertical City ( Topic)

  The creator of the television show Mad Men has new work for us, thank goodness:  Matthew Weiner in the mirror (Vanity Fair) 

  We really should know by now to stay out of the forest:  Marriage proposal goes awry after hiking couple gets lost.  (Slate) SSGM

•  I very much want to see the movie Private Life.  (Vox) 

  We’re making Apple Pies at The Bakehouse next Sunday – you should join us!  (Eventbrite)

  Speaking of apples, here what I hope you’re making soon:  Ina’s Apple Pie Bars.  (Joy the Baker)

  I’m not quite done talking about apples yet.  This recipe from Food52 looks interesting to me.  My insticnt is to add butter and buttermilk to the filling but apple butter is clever isn’t it? Apple Butter Pie

  Listening to:  NAO, for all we know. It’s such a vibe.  (Spotify)

  Suddenly, a little lamp that’s hard to live without.  (West Elm) 

I hope you have a sweet day!

My love to you. 

xo Joy