/Let It Be Sunday, 192!

Let It Be Sunday, 192!


Hello dear friends!  

Welcome to this fine day – I hope you’re well!   

This week I had a sweet visit from my friend Ashley Rodriguez from Not Without Salt.  She came to New Orleans to promote her latest book Let’s Stay In, and really just cook a bunch of food at The Bakehouse.  Sometimes we get to make our own dreams come true, and this week was one of those weeks.  Ashley has the most effortless way of cooking and feeding people that being in the kitchen with her feels like gliding on air. It’s really lovely.  

It’s always inspiring to have a friend come to town. It helps me see this beautiful city with fresher eyes.  I’m feeling energetic and inspired these days and trying the channel that energy well, without too much pressure. That’s what’s on my mind. 

I hope you’re feeling steady and energized.  Here’s the offering today:   

(Also a note: I’m currently working on updating the site so this may look a bit different to you and I thank you for your patience as this update unfolds.)

  We’re all troubled, but is there hope in it? Estranged in America: Both Sides Feel Lost and Left Out. (New York Times)

  Hurricane Michael Leaves Deadly Trail Through The Southeast. (NPR)

  Every week I have a long-read article (at least one) open in my browser and I read through it as the week unfolds.  This week, a love story:  The Love Story That Upended the Texas Prison System, to be exact. (Texas Monthly)

  Oh dear (which is a huge understatement): Heat and Humidity Are a Killer Combination. (New York Times)

  Ok but like why are there literally so many things to worry about?  The banana is dying. The race is on to reinvent it before it’s too late. (Wired) 

  The very obvious secret to productivity that will rock our very souls. (The Guardian) 

  Salt Fat Acid Heat is the best food show on Netflix.  (Eater) 

  What are we making this week?  I plan on adding a generous amount of butter toasted pecans to these Brown Sugar Cookies.  (Joy the Baker)

  I’ve yet to see the movie A Star Is Born but I’ve already cried to the soundtrack because LADY GAGA serves us all the feels and talent. We don’t deserve her, but my word don’t we need her.  (YouTube and Spotify)

  RELATED:  Appropriate moments to respond with Lady Gaga’s gutteral howl from the song ‘Shallow’. (McSweeneys)  See: Shallow (Spotify)

•  I feel deeply seen and understood:  The long, long history of long, long CVS receipts. (Vox)

  Inside an afternoon at The Bakehouse:  5 Things I Learned From Joy the Baker. (Fed and Bougie)

  This is one of my favorite yoga tops for the colder months. (Athleta)

  I’m putting this jumpsuit upon my wishlist, my list of wishes. (Reformation) 

I’m so glad you’re here! Enjoy today!

xo Joy

photo above by Trevor Mark Photography