/Let It Be Sunday, 193!

Let It Be Sunday, 193!

Hello dear friends!  

Welcome to another fine day. Can we talk about astrology for a two to five sentences?  Do the words ‘Venus in retrograde” mean anything to you?  Are you trying to steady yourself?  Here’s what this years Venus in retorgrade means for your sign.  Just blaze on through – we’ve got this. 

This week I tasked my heart out, recipe tested a lot of apple and pumpkin things, woke up early, walked the dog, only ate one bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos… it’s been solid.  

I taught my first real yoga class this week and of course, brought the class these doughnuts as a treat.  Balance?  All of my classes should be about balance, ending with meditation and a sweet treat.  

I hope this week finds you happy and well.  Truckin’ along.  

Here is the offering this week.  Take only what you need:  

  Must read and I’m ready to have a book club meeting about this:  Powerful Women Talk About Power. (The Cut)

  Consider this from Helen Rosner:  “In the end, installing women to fix broken companies excuses men from engaging directly with problems they have created. It also fallaciously assumes (or, perhaps, maliciously asserts) that women are well-equipped to lead healthy workplaces simply by virtue of their femininity.”  Gabrielle Hamilton, April Bloomfield and the problem with leaving women to clean up the mess. (The New Yorker)

  Thankful for The Legend of Julia Louis-Dreyfus – the funniest, truly a force for laughs. (The Washington Post) 

  Another icon and I’m four and a half years from wearing her clothes:  Eileen Fisher.  (The New York Times) 

  Doing the good work:  Stylist Stephanie Thomas helps her clients find smart, fashionable looks and wante to make adaptive clothing more readily available. (Vox)

  I’ve been in the kitchen this weekend playing with babka filling and I’d just like to remind you of these muffins:  Babka Pull-Apart Muffins.  (Joy the Baker) 

•  This week I made Jon’s pumpkin cake doughnuts – they’re fried, not baked and I was suspicious until they fried up absolutely perfectly.  The key is to keep the oil temperature on point.  Here’s the recipe for Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts.  Relevant seasonal content pictured above. (The Candid Appetite) 

  On my recent flight to Greece I mastered the art of walking over armrests to hustle myself out of a middle seat without disturbing the aisle person.  I’m thinking of joining the circus with this skill alone.  Strangely enough that trick is not mentioned in this Guide To Surviving The Longest Flight In The World (The Wall Street Journal) 

•  How do you feel about spooks? I have a love/hate relationships with very scary movies.  The 20 Best Horror Films of the Last 20 Years. (Variety)

•  Food52 has a quick chocolate ‘pudding’ for when we need dessert asap and listen… we’re making a case for yogurt for breakfast. 

  In case you need this / we all need this:  5 Restorative Yoga Poses For Self Care. (Yoga Club) 

  I have some pretty stellar recipes in the latest issue of Southern Living – I’m talking Friendsgiving – please don’t sleep on the Turkey Pot Pie recipe, mmmkay?  Joy Wilson Shows Us How She Hosts Friendsgiving (Southern Living) 

  Current favorite heel because they make me feel like Minnie Mouse from Everlane.  

•  We have confirmation:  Queso is the world’s most perfect food. (Eater) 

Have a lovely day!

My love to you,

xo Joy