/Let It Be Sunday, 194!

Let It Be Sunday, 194!

Hello dear friends!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about time and attention and just how precious those things are.  I try to make the most of every day in work and tasks, sure… but the rest of my attention is so valuable and I’m always reevaluating where that resource goes.  This week my attention went into painting the back of my front door yellow.  Well… 45 minutes of my attention (and don’t worry – this photo is just a single coat and it looks much better now).  The door painting inspired me to make a wreath for the back of the door so my attention went into an hour long trip to the craft store and then down a rabbit hole of rearranging my office and bedroom.  It’s felt good (like a luxury, really) to put energy and attention into my space.  Really, I’m just prepping for a Christmas tree.

Also, light sos:  can I trim my own bangs like this article from Marie Claire suggests?  

This week’s offering doesn’t include all the heaviness that exists in our world these days and this week but I hope you find something you didn’t know you needed:  

  Consider:  Migrants travel in groups for a reason, safety.  (The Conversation)    

•  This is beautifully and honestly written and gave me a sustainable amount of anxiety:  The Real Biological Clock is Death. (Hmm Daily)

  In conflicting news, scientists are working on the drug that keeps you young.  (MIT Technology Review)

  Taking care of your eyes and ears keeps your brain sharp and your marriage happy – because screaming so your spouse can hear you would wear down even the most patient of partners.  (NPR) 

•  Of interest:  Why do some people hurt more than others?  This doesn’t address male behavior when a cold comes on.  (The Conversation) 

  Composing the housewives:  The Sounds of Housewives Everywhere: behind the scenes with the men who make America’s favorite ‘ladies’ into drama queens.  I’ve never thought so critically about the soundtrack of my now second favorite candy on television… after my new guilty obsession, 90 Day Fiancé.   (The New York Times)

  There’s a new astrology app called The Pattern and it will read your liiiiiiife, just know that. (iTunes)

  This weekend in New Orleans I’ve been fortunate enough to take some workshops with Kathryn Budig and I thought I’d share one of her flows with you. 

  While we’re still talking about woo woo stuff, I’ve been enjoying these meditations this week:   Cultivating Spiritual Intelligence

  Have you ever made a whole, baked, stuffed pumpkin?  I haven’t, but I’ve been scoping out recipes all week.  I want some sort of wild rice, spicy sausage, Gruyere cheese situation.  Here’s some inspiration:  Whole Baked Pumpkin (Cooking Light)

  When life gives you lemons (life gave me actual lemons), make Preserved Lemons.  On my meal-prep list this Sunday.  (NYT Cooking)

  This week I resurrected this very old recipe from 2008.  I talk very differently about boys and baking, but the recipe is solid gold and thank goodness for personal growth, ya know?  Apple Crisp!! (Joy the Baker)

  Leopard as neutral.  (Other Stories)

Enjoy your Sunday!  Do something that feels good.

My love to you!

xo Joy