/Lonely Planet’s New Wine Travel Book: Wine Trails: United States & Canada

Lonely Planet’s New Wine Travel Book: Wine Trails: United States & Canada

Wine experts or not, we’ve all experienced that moment when travel and wine make the perfect pairing.

This holiday season, Lonely Planet’s Wine Trails: United States & Canada (Lonely Planet / $20.00 / October 16, 2018) spotlights 40 weekends in North America’s greatest wine regions, from Canada’s remote Okanagan Valley to New York’s extraordinary Finger Lakes to the world-renowned California wine towns of Napa and Sonoma.

Meet 245 the most passionate winemakers in North America and learn about their vision and their distinguished offerings in their own words. As Chris Upchurch of DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Washington puts it, “[Our] challenge is to create wines from the terroir of Mother Nature.”

While readers will be thrilled to see infamous inclusions like Napa and Sonoma, Wine Trails is also lifting the veil on some hidden gems in the North American wine scene. “If we can get people to take notice, hopefully they’ll [decide] to give Idaho wine a shot,” Earl Sullivan of Telaya Wine Co in Snake River Valley, Idaho says.

Of course, a visit to wine country wouldn’t be complete with comfy bed-and-breakfasts, delicious farm-to-table restaurants or scenic hot air balloon rides. At the end of each section, Wine Trails recommends where to stay, where to eat and what to do when not at the winery – making it the perfect companion to a getaway weekend in wine country and a perfect gift this holiday season.


A personal story: I brought this book with me to a weekend in Sonoma, and it was so helpful having a shortlist of expert-approved wineries around which to plan my visit. I know wine passes are trendy these days; my budget-conscious friends recommend them. But I wanted full control over my itinerary in wine country, and all the places featured in Wine Trails were special (especially without the wine tour groups passing through).


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Find Wine Trails by Lonely Planet on Amazon.


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