/Remove and retain a wine label in near-perfect condition – Souvino Crowdfunding

Remove and retain a wine label in near-perfect condition – Souvino Crowdfunding

Souvino – a souvenir from every bottle of wine – aims at helping wine lovers capture the memories from every great bottle by allowing to remove and preserve a wine label from a bottle in near-perfect condition.

The brand is raising money in a crowdfunding campaign to finance its product.

How Does it Work?

Souvino works by rapidly melting the glue affixing the wine label.

Wine lovers can now keep labels in their wine journal and recall the memories that poured from every great bottle.

The label can be peeled off the bottle and re-applied to a food pairing journal, a wine “passport”, or fine dining restaurant stationery.

A New Hobby for Wine Lovers

Like scrapbooking, wine label collecting will become a fun new hobby for people who love the wine drinking experience.

You can create a journal of all the wines you have tasted, and record each wine experience as you discover, learn, and develop your own personal palate.

Souvino provides an opportunity to create a wine diary where you can not only save the label and your personal review of the wine, but recount the food, occasion or restaurant where you enjoyed each wonderful bottle.

You’ll be able to look back and remember each event and experience.

Souvino on ABC’s Shark Tank

The product was selected for Season 11 of ABC’s Shark Tank which will film in March 2019. It belongs on every kitchen countertop and wine bar and is available through Kickstarter until November 15.

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