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The Wines of Bodegas Muga – Reviews & Videos

2014 Torre Muga Gran Reserva, Rioja

Score: 95/100 points


The color on 2014 Torre Muga sets the tone: deep, dark red with a heap of purple hues, this simply appears to be a huge wine just by looking at it!

The nose is so elegant it doesn’t smell like a massive wine, but rather one with a precise, complex and detailed aromatic profile featuring rare blackcurrant freshness. Deep refined notes of fine oak, hazelnut, caramel, and dark cocoa.

The freshness and depth of the red berry fruit characters is a standout, as well as the apparent quality and integration of amazingly fine oak.

Just like when you taste an expensive and fine coffee or piece of chocolate, you know here you’re tasting the refined expression of an oaky Rioja wine. Layered and long.

Smooth and very dense tannins come with a sustained acidity amplifying the freshness, in a very harmonious balance.

Sure, this is a huge, massive, and concentrated wine, but the balance and finesse in its expression that only the very, very finest reds can imprint in a tasting experience, hence its passing the 95-pts mark.

A rare experience that is only starting to be revealed in this 2014 vintage. Hold on to it for another 5 years at least to allow it to mature and develop to become the complete wonder of a wine it promises to slowly transform into. From there, it will probably withstand time for another 2 decades for the patient amateurs.

Drink between 2023 and 2050 then!

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