/We drank a $50 bottle of wine that was open for 9 months, and this $3 gadget made it drinkable

We drank a $50 bottle of wine that was open for 9 months, and this $3 gadget made it drinkable

Yesterday I drank a bottle of red wine that I opened 9 months ago – and it was still fresh as a daisy! How can this be?

You know that thing called left over wine – yeah, we don’t either. But just say you did. If you leave it for more than a day, it’s gonna start to deteriorate as oxygen starts to change the wine’s flavour profile. After a week, it’s probably going to become undrinkable. And if it’s an expensive wine you’re tipping down the sink, well, that’s just a crying shame!

It doesn’t have to be this way however, because this week we concluded an experiment that completely blew our mind.

Nine months ago I was sent the Repour wine stopper to test drive – I was told it would completely stop the wine degradation process. I was dubious at first, as I’ve tested heaps of gadgets like vacuum pumps over the years with varying degrees of success. These reduce the oxygen in the closed bottle, but it doesn’t eliminate it completely.

Repour’s marketing promised it would keep one bottle of wine fresh until the last glass. But how?! Hidden inside the plastic cork is an ‘agent’ that gobbles up any oxygen inside the unused bottle once it is sealed with the Repour cork. It’s said to bring the level of oxygen in the air down below 0.05% and the dissolved oxygen in the wine to less than 0.03 ppm (the makers say that’s pretty much removing ALL the oxygen)!

At the same time I received my Repour cork samples, I also received double samples of Nebbiolo from the northern Italian winery, Tenute Sella 1871 (cost, 40,00 € each). Often wineries will send two bottles of the same wine in case one of the wines is corked. What a perfect opportunity I thought to taste one bottle now, cork it up with Repour, and taste it further down the track alongside a freshly opened bottle.

This experiment was only expected to last 2 weeks. Unfortunately work took my focus away from the project and the Repour experiment got locked away in a cupboard, forgotten.

Nine months later it was rediscovered. ‘Surely it cant be any good. Even the instructions suggest ‘weeks or months’, and this has been almost a year!’

Guess what – it worked!! Watch the video above as Ged and I taste the wine in real time. We were genuinely shocked. There was absolutely no difference between the wine that was freshly opened, and the half drunk bottle that was open 9 months early. This gadget is a bloody miracle!

The verdict and the price

My biggest hesitation in recommending this product is that it’s single use plastic.  Once it’s been used on one bottle, you have to throw it out. That said, you can open that one bottle a couple of times and the contents should remain fresh.

While it is made from recyclable materials, because it is so small, many recycling facilities filter it out and it gets transferred to waste. In countries like Sweden where all plastic gets recycled, regardless of size, it’s a much easier recommendation. When you look at the price of the cork, and compare it to the expensive wine  you’re ‘holding in limbo’, you can see how it pays for itself, because this stopper works brilliantly.

Repour cost around US$3 as a single, US$10 for a 4 pack, US$22 for a 10 pack, and US$130 for a 72 pack

In Australia you can buy Repour via www.mywinesaver.com.au. For everywhere else in the world, go to www.repour.com