/17 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Game Shows, According To Contestants

17 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Game Shows, According To Contestants


One kids competition show allegedly sabotaged contestants.

“I was in a sort of ‘kids racing game’ show. It was canceled shortly after I participated in it. I can’t remember the exact details because I was like 6 or 7, but I will never forget how they made me feel.

“Basically, we were a bunch of little kids racing each other to complete the most games in a certain time. If you completed the whole thing (around 20 games or so) without the time running out or without breaking certain rules for each ‘level,’ you won a shit ton of toys, or something like that.

“They made ‘tests runs’ that were actually them recording the whole thing without us knowing. I completed the whole thing in like 7 minutes — it was supposed to last at least 15 minutes. The ‘level helpers’ took me aside and told me it was an amazing run, so I got qualified to appear on the TV show.

“In the actual recording, the level helpers sabotaged me. They grabbed me to prevent me from popping the balloons of the first level, pushed balloons away from me, pushed the correct balloons toward other kids (you were supposed to pop balloons to find a key for the next level), and gave me a ‘timeout’ for breaking rules that I wasn’t breaking.

“I specifically remember running up a ramp, after being sabotaged a LOT by the ‘helpers,’ to get to my next level. I was catching up to the other kids, and they fucking grabbed my ankle and made me fall off the ramp. I was disqualified because I ‘took too long to get to the other level.’ They forced me to sit on the losers box and watch all of the other kids — whom I had already beaten up in the test run — finish the thing and win.

“I did not appear in that episode when it showed on TV. Not even me ‘failing.'”