/This Costco Food Court Favorite is Finally Back

This Costco Food Court Favorite is Finally Back

Man holding a large chicken bake in a parking lot

Great news… Costco’s Chicken Bake is back! 

Months after Costco food courts were forced to temporarily operate under “limited menus” due to the COVID-19, several hot items are back and customers are more than excited to once again bite into their favs – including the Chicken Bake!

Chicken bake loafs in row in a warmer in-store

If you haven’t tried one before…

This ever-popular chicken bake is a handheld food that is stuffed with chicken, cheese, bacon, and caesar dressing. The outside is chewy and crispy while the inside offers a warm and delicious combination of flavors.

Touch screen with Costco food choices on it

Priced at $2.99 each, this is a tasty & affordable snack or lunch! 

Shoppers enjoy the low priced items at Costco food courts and often make grabbing their favorites like the Chicken Bake part of their shopping trip.

NEW – Keep your eyes peeled! Select Costco locations are offering boxes of these Kirkland Chicken Bakes 6-Count available to purchase and take home & bake. Find out if your local Costco offers this item by entering your zip code here.

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